Monday, June 13, 2011

First post

So I was telling my friend Derek about my fish tank one day and he said I should start a blog. So here it is. I'll post pictures an talk about what happens in the tank (because its very important and you need to know). When I told my wife that I was making this blog she said, "Are you seriously gonna spend time doing that?" So that's where the name comes from. Also, you will find tons of spelling and grammar errors. Just to let you know.

My tank is a 55 gallon corner bow that I got from craigs list 2 years ago for a bout $200 maby less.
I have a back hanging filter and skimmer combo and a 24" Coral life compact fluorescent light. And some Rio pumps for flow.

For livestock I have 60 to 70 pounds of live rock (mixed types) and A large branching frog spawn and and a smaller hammer frog spawn. A sailfin tang a sixline wrass an orange spot goby, a cleanner shrimp, some Kenya trees, red mushrooms and other stuff which I'll post pictures of..

By the way putting this blog tougether is nerdy enough for me, so I'm not posting the latin versions of the names (not that I know them any way).

Sea cucumber.

Its not me, My fish are actually burry.